Thursday, September 13, 2007

Haul pics - 13 September 2007

The Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Potion book & drink box set is out! The three boxes I ordered from a couple months back arrived today. One to open and drink, one to keep MIB, and the last box listed up on eBay for auction here with cost price starting bid at US$35.

This is what you get upon removing the box's outer slip package and flip open the black inner box: a rectangular box that holds the potion and a Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Ultimania book underneath it.

Just what every Final Fantasy VII fan wants, a phallic bottle to drink out of that adds +100 to HP! The 100ml bottle measures about 22cm in height including both end caps.

Here's a shot of the front and back of the top cap. Both end caps look like they are made of diecast metal but they're actually just plastic caps painted in silver. Very nicely detailed though! Love the Shin-Ra logo!

A shot of both caps removed. The drink is comprised of dolomite, royal jelly, acid, caffeine, preservative, vitamin B6 & B1. Drank a bit of it and it kinda taste like a mix of medicine and ramune. A fitting taste for a potion I suppose.

The 3,980 yen price tag isn't just for the potion! There's a 208-page, all-color Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Ultimania soft cover book that contains info on everything FFVII-related from all the games until Crisis Core FFVII, characters, anime, CG movie, concept sketches, illustrations, and merchandise.

Click here for more info on the box set.

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Modo said...

TH! Why are u actioning this set? ('-'*)

Modo said...

( ̄へ ̄)Sorry too excited, I mean when are u putting it up on ebay.

Tokyo Hunter said...

The auction for the set will be up on Friday evening (14th). Keep a close eye on my eBay auctions list for updates!