Monday, September 10, 2007

Change of blog direction

Now that I've closed down my hunting service and place more focus on auctioning exclusive items on eBay, I'll be using my extra time and knowledge of the Japanese hobby scene in posting information on the latest exclusive Japanese collectibles like what I've just started doing since yesterday, and of course the usual haul pics, hobby news & sightings, coverage of hobby events, and some random posts about life in Japan if I've got the time to write them. Please do not contact me with order requests for the exclusive items I've posted information on. I am no longer providing the service of purchasing items on behalf of others as explained in this post.

Those with information on upcoming exclusives that have yet to be covered in my blog posts are more than welcome to email me at and I'll translate and post the information here. With your help, we can turn this blog into everyone's source of information on the latest exclusive Japanese collectibles!

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