Saturday, September 01, 2007

Revoltech Black Shin Getter-1 & Valkyries

I took a trip down to Akihabara today after nearly a month since my last visit, and spotted the upcoming Revoltech Black Shin Getter-1 on display at Kaiyodo's Hobby Lobby Tokyo store.

Comparison shot of Revoltech Shin Getter-1 and Black Shin Getter-1.

Revoltech Black Shin Getter-1 is a Hyper Hobby October 2007 issue mail order exclusive priced at 2,000 yen and coming out by end of November. It's basically a black repaint of Revoltech Shin Getter-1 but comes with a badass laser gun! I'm a big fan of the Getter series (except for Getter Robo Go and Neo Getter Robo - I say 'no' to blue Getter Robos!) and I'm definitely getting one ... or two ... for my growing Revoltech collection! Gonna post pics of my collection one of these days. Need to find time to rearrange my collection first.

Also spotted Revoltech VF-1J Super Valkyrie TV Ver. on display. Looking good!

Several samples of the October release Revoltech VF-1S Super Valkyrie were at Kaiyodo's store, too. Looking forward to the releases of both Valkyries and all future Revoltech Valkyrie releases, including potential exclusives, to come!

Here are a couple of examples of fun ways to use the Revopliers, if you have a ton of them lying around!

The orange Revopliers were given away for free at Wonder Festival 2007 Summer. Kaiyodo is now giving 1 free Revoplier with each Revoltech figure purchased at their Kaiyodo Hobby Lobby Tokyo store in Akihabara. There are several color variations for you to choose from. I only saw two color variations at the store: orange and blue. More info on the official Kaiyodo Revoltech site.

Revoltech Black Shin Getter-1 & Valkyries gallery


David said...

it must be nice to shop for yourself for once huh

Philip Shade said...

so what do the Revopliers do?

Tokyo Hunter said...

Philip Shade,
It helps in pulling out and installing Revoltech joints just like regular pliers.

Anonymous said... you know if they sell the joint for revoltech figure?? The website is in japanese and i couldn't find if there're any info in english about these joint and the pliers. I found that some of my revoltech figure is loosen on their joint, so i wonder if i can get part of it. thank you.

Tokyo Hunter said...

They don't sell the joints. They give out a small packet of two joints away for each purchase of a Revoltech figure at Kaiyodo's Hobby Lobby Tokyo store in Akihabara.

mkwang said...

Free ? that's there anyway to contact that store via e-mail?? I bought my eva on ebay and its from HK, and its not cheap to return and ask for an exchange. by any chance, maybe you know if the thigh/hip joint for eva series 032 is replaceable ? because i don't see the joint like in the arm/knee/ankle. Thank you for your time, very greatly appreciated.

Tokyo Hunter said...

They only give away the joints for free to customers who purchase the figure at their store. They don't handle returns or send out the joints for free for items purchased from other places. The hip joints are irreplaceable.