Monday, September 10, 2007

EX Gohkin Mazinger 1969 & Great Mazinger 1969

Items: Mazinger 1969 & Great Mazinger 1969 action figures
Height: 23.5 cm
Series: EX Gohkin Robo-shi WORKS
Maker: Fewture
Price: 24,800 yen + 1,000 yen COD fee = 25,800 yen each
Order deadline: 17 September 2007
Release dates: November 2007 (Mazinger 1969), December 2007 (Great Mazinger 1969)
Info: Fewture Shop online store exclusives.


Philip Shade said...

I like them a bit, but no where near as much as the 1901. I would be all about that being issued as a diecast.

Tokyo Hunter said...

I love the unique design of these 1969 Mazingers. Very badass! I'm still thinking whether or not to plunk down 51,600 yen for the set though. That's a lotta money for two figures!

I had the Mazinger 1901 figure that I got during my trip to Osaka back in 2002. Sold it off a couple years later because of the flimsy joints and the parts came off at the slightest touch. It can't hold much dynamic poses either.