Friday, July 07, 2006

Tokyo Hunter service and blog site is now open for business!

Konnichiwa and a warm welcome to the official opening of the Tokyo Hunter service and blog site!

My Tokyo Hunter service offers assistance to clients in locating and purchasing their most wanted items that are only available and/or at a much cheaper price in Japan. Just about anything (legal) that you're looking for, I'll help you find and purchase it in Japan! There will be a slight commission charge for my service, but you will find that what I charge is a lot cheaper and less complex than online websites that help you bid on Yahoo Japan auctions.

Please check out my profile for a short introduction to my service and contact me at if you're interested. I'll e-mail you a Word document that contains all the information on how to order as well as the commission fee structures for my service.

I'll be posting as often as possible on my blog site all the latest product information (toys, anime, collectibles, games, etc), info on upcoming and coverage of events/conventions/shows, items of interest that I saw during my trips down to Tokyo including prices and information (and possibly some pictures), as well as the items I've found for my clients. Your suggestions on what I shouuld be covering and obtaining info of and posting them on my Tokyo Hunter blog are most welcome! Please check back as frequently as possible for the latest updates and announcements on my Tokyo Hunter blog!

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and I look forward to serving you soon!

P.S: Remember to bookmark my blog! (^_^)

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