Friday, July 07, 2006

50 Dark Nurse cosplayers at Silent Hill movie premiere in Ginza

50 Dark Nurse cosplayes at Silent Hill movie premiere in Ginza

Date: 8 July 2006
Location: Ginza station to Marion theater

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GameSpot news: Scary nurses sought for Japanese Silent Hill premiere

According to ITmedia, 50 cosplay fans are being sought to assist in a promotional event for the Japan premiere of the film Silent Hill. The idea is to get 50 "Dark Nurses" to shuffle and stagger from a location near Tokyo's Ginza Station to the Marion theater complex on the morning of July 8. There they will greet customers -- presumably by gurgling hideously and limping toward them with rusty scalpels --and hand out flyers. There is no monetary compensation for providing this service, but volunteers will get to keep their Dark Nurse threads and be given other memorabilia related to the film.

Being a huge fan of the Silent Hill games myself, I definitely wouldn't wanna miss this event! I still have yet to watch the movie. (-_-)" I'll try to catch the premiere at Ginza after I snap some pics of the Dark Nurse cosplayers! Check back later on Saturday night for coverage of the event! Expect lots of pictures of Dark Nurses and possibly some Silent Hill memorabilia if I manage to get some.

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