Monday, July 10, 2006

Dengeki Hobby exclusive LOB Dunbine Todd use

Dengeki Hobby is currently taking preorders for their Lord of Bystonwell series Dunbine Todd Guines version (priced at 4,500 yen) in their Dengeki Hobby August 2006 issue. An order form is included in the magazine along with a proof of purchase label that you cut out and glue it to the form. Just fill out the form, glue the proof of purchase label, purchase a 4,500 yen postal money order and mail them to Dengeki Hobby and your order is set! It's a made-to-order item and you will definitely receive one when it's released. They will stop accepting orders by 31 August and the exclusive will be released in November 2006. This exclusive figure is only available to those who currently reside in Japan. If you're interested in getting this piece, please contact me immediately to place your order for this exclusive item!

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