Friday, July 07, 2006

Tokyo Dome Double Hero Festival

Date: 22-23 July 2006
Location: Tokyo Dome
Entrance fee: 1,800 yen / 2,300 yen assigned seats

Another exciting festival to look forward to! I'm a big fan of Kamen Rider shows and I've already got my ticket in advance but unfortunately, not soon enough to get the 2,300 yen assigned seating tickets to sit down and enjoy the live action shows with special appearances of actors and actresses from Boukenger on Super Sentai Day (22 July) and actors and actresses from Kamen Rider Kabuto on Kamen Rider Day (23 July). Guess I'll have to fight the crowds to find a good spot to view the entire show standing up. I'll only be attending the Kamen Rider Day event on 23 July and will be taking tons of pictures to be posted on this blog. There will be a gazillion festival-only merchandise for sale at Tokyo Dome during the festival, so expect me to carry lots of cool goodies back! Please contact me as soon as possible if you're interested in getting some of the exclusive festival merchandise (although I have no clue as to what kind of items will be available there but I'm guessing there will be special t-shirts, key-chains, caps, and toys, etc) and I'll purchase them on your behalf. I need to know what kind of merchandise and which character you're interested in, and also your budget for each item type.

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