Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tokyo Hunter 3rd anniversary

As of today, Tokyo Hunter blog/proxy buying service is in its third year! I'd like to thank all my customers and especially my many loyal returning customers for the support! ^^

I wanted to continue the annual Tokyo Hunter collection posting that I started same time last year, but I've been so incredibly busy since the beginning of this year that I've yet to open most of the new stuff I bought. They're still in their boxes right now stored inside the closet. And most of my stuff on display still look about the same as last year's setup shown here. ^^; I'm going to spend some time each day in rearranging my collection and adding in new toys. Hope to be able to post updated pics of my collection by the end of next month or sooner.

So for now, here are links to my previous collection postings:

Tokyo Hunter Collection 2007
Tokyo Hunter Collection 2008

I'll also slowly clear out items from my collection listing them up for sale/auction on eBay to make room for the new additions. I've already sold some of my stuff and more to be listed soon.

Check out my current auctions and sales below:

Tokyo Hunter eBay listings


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Happy birthday ;)

RS said...

Congrats from sweden,have followed your blog for about 2 years now,it´s always fun to check it out

Madcat said...

Congratulations, here's to many more years of your helpful and highly appreciated service ^^

Ashlotte said...

Grats on the anniversary and may you never grow tired of helping us poor bastards that use your services. ~_^

CMWilly said...

Congrats! May your business and love for figures continue to flourish!

Priss said...

Ah collections are such demanding mistresses! Kudos on another year and here's to many many more years in Hobby Hunting Heaven! PP ^_~

Leon / Ciel said...

Congraz and wish you a good year full of amazing figures !

edo said...

Omedeto gosaimasu!! \(^o^)/

Simon said...

Congratulations! Hope the buying service is (and remains!) profitable, so you can keep helping the rest of us on the other side of the world :)

xChewy said...

Another great year of great service!!~

Seems like you're getting busier each year. Hope your busy schedule doesn't slow you down on updating your awesome blog! (:

I really appreciate all the stuffs you've done for me.^^ Thanks~

alafista said...

Congrats. Appreciate your assistance in helping me get what I want, and hopefully you have many more good years to come ^^

Tokyo Hunter said...

Wow! I didn't expect there to be so many responses! Thank you all for the support! Always more than happy to help out fellow collectors across the globe. If anyone is planning on visiting Japan, I'll give you a weekend tour of Akihabara and take you to the best places to shop for toys and the best maid cafes to relax, too!

I'll continue to update the blog as often as I can. The site needs a face lift as I'm still using the same old basic Blogger template. ^^; Will have to schedule some time to tweak the settings and give the blog a new look.

Thank you! This reminds me that I gotta get back to your email!

Thanks! The business is continually growing and becoming more profitable as the manufacturers keep on pumping out exclusives and highly sought after items. I'll be providing this proxy buying service for a long, long time to come. ^^

Thanks, buddy! ^^ Yes, I have become increasingly busier each year and unable to take personal time off to open up and display my latest purchases and building my kits. Perhaps I will have to consider making Sunday morning my personal time before I get back to doing work and emails. Speaking of emails, I will have to get back to you real soon. Sorry to have kept you waiting! ^^;

Thanks! Hope to meet up with you in Singapore in August if you have the time. ^^

Will said...

Happy anniversary!!!! It'll be christmas when you get to open up your toys.

amirsw said...

Congrates on the anniversary! Keep up the great work!