Thursday, July 02, 2009

Uplark Rei Ayanami & Entry Plug Interior LTD ver

Item: Rei Ayanami with Entry Plug Interior PVC WF special limited edition PVC
Height: 33cm
Series: Rebuild of Evangelion
Maker: Uplark
Retail price: 13,000 yen
Release date: 26 July 2009
Info: 50 pieces of the figure will be sold in advance at Wonder Festival 2009 Summer event, and each figure will come with an unpainted resin kit of Rei Ayanami Die Sterne Ver.

Interested buyers can contact me before 26 July to enquire about pricing and place your preorder through me.


TheKillerPotato said...

What is special about this vs. the regular version?

Tokyo Hunter said...

First pic shows regular ver. Following pics are limited ver.