Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Max Factory figma Billy Herrington birthday ver

Item: figma Billy Herrington birthday ver.
Height: 14.5cm
Series: Billy Herrington
Maker: Max Factory
Retail price: 3,000 yen
Order deadline: None
Release date: August 2009
Info: Nico Nico Chyokuhan exclusive.

Interested buyers can contact me to enquire about pricing and place your order through me.


Guy said...

I have to ask. What the heck?!

Tokyo Hunter said...

figma figure of a gay porn star. He's incredibly popular in Japan and they're making not one but two figma versions of the guy that Japanese call "anniki" (brother).

Anonymous said...

HA HA! The guy is a has been US Porn Star. He has no job and has spent the last few year exploiting money from gay men and pretty women. He finnaly found a way to exploit money from the Japanese people. He has a criminal record for assault and is a known womanizer. He's just sick!

Escathon said...

I think he and the Figmax would make such an awesome tandem. XDDD

(and I kinda...agree with the Anonymous guy)

Arayden said...

Hi, got my mail on the request for both figma Billy Herringtons ? ( Normal and Birthday Ver )?

Tokyo Hunter said...

I just replied to your email. Thanks!