Monday, July 07, 2008

Tokyo Hunter Collection 2008

Here's a look at my collection as of 7/7/2008. Toy shelves are totally packed compared to last year. I still got more in storage! ^^; I'll probably run out of shelf space after buying the WonderFest 2008 Summer exclusives to add to my collection. Guess it's time to hit IKEA and get new toy shelves!

I'm cutting down on the toy lines I collect now and focus mostly on S.I.C. figures, Transformers Masterpiece, and some PVC figures, figmas, and Nendoroids that I really like.

Although I do own a complete Garo toy collection, these are the few that I plan to keep and the rest (along with extras of some of the figures) are currently in storage, waiting to be sent off to loving homes. Growing S.I.C. collection and lacking shelf space means I need to get rid of some of the stuff in my collection. I'll be listing them up for sale in the near future. Contact me if you're interested in any of the Garo figures.

Kamen Rider #1 riding on Cyclone over a pile of Kaijin corpses!

S.I.C. Kamen Rider Amazon & Jungler. My favorite Rider & bike set thus far! Got this upon release and finally brough it with me to Japan after returning home for Chinese New Year celebration this year.

This black Kikaider trading figure was a secret in the first volume of S.I.C. Takumi Damashii series. Currently going for around 3,000-4,000 yen at the hobby shops in Akihabara!

My small collection of signed figures mixed with miscellaneous stuff. Garo signed by director Keita Amemiya, Action Works Gavan signed by actor Kenji Ohba, and Voice I-doll Asuka signed by voice actress Yuuko Miyamura.

S.I.C. Kamen Rider 555 collection. Can't wait till they do Riotrooper, Psyga, and Orga!

I remembered paying 10,000 yen for S.I.C. Shadow Moon after it was released and immediately sold out everywhere. Won an auction for it and it was just 1 week later after I received the figure that a reissue for the figure was annouced to come out in a few months. ^^; I just could not wait to get my hands on the S.I.C. version of my favorite Kamen Rider villain of all time. Well, it was an exciting feeling to finally got the figure though.

GFF Shin Musha Gundam and Kiba-Musha Den figures at the back. Gotta make time to build the MG Shin Musha Gundam kit.

My small collection of old Playmates Earthworm Jim figures. I got an extra Earthworm Jim figure to repaint based on the shaded 2D artwork on the packaging. I'm still looking for Bob the Killer Goldfish & #4 set.

Poor Densuke gets violated by Shiro!

Toys soon to be piled up to the ceiling if I don't start looking for new shelves soon. I need to arrange a weekend to open up all those toys, too. They need to breathe!

S.I.C. exclusives. Pre-Amazon signed by sculptor Takayuki Takeya!

Every otaku must have a Mina Tsukishiro in their collection! ^_~

Project BM! Kamen Rider Kabuto and signed figures. TheBee signed by actor Masato Uchiyama, Gatack signed by actor Tomohito Sato, and Man Chrysalis figures signed by sculptor Yasushi Nirasawa.

More games I can't finish and lots more coming! Gah~! O_O

Mix of kits, trading figures, and magazine freebies. I seriously need to start scheduling long evenings to build these kits. Still more stored in boxes.

Man, the Rider Mask Displays sure do take up a lot of shelf space! More masks to be released in the coming months! Where's my Kamen Rider Black and Kamen Rider Kiva masks?!

More photos in my flickr gallery.

Tokyo Hunter Collection 2008 gallery.


Modo said...

∑(O_O;)Shock!!And I taut Japan homes are tiny!!! U seem have enuf space to present ur collections~ d(^_^) Well, at less I get to see ur some of them! (゚ー゚)
Its amazin'~ although I'm not into Rider Masks, I taut those collections tops it all!
Thnx for sharing!

cydkick said...

Still jealous of that Hyper Gattack, signed even!

Tokyo Hunter said...

Got the space but not enough shelves! ^^; I have a few more items (mostly Revoltechs) stored in the closet that I've yet to open and display them.

I want nothing more than to get Tendou Souji's/Hiro Mizushima's signature on my Kamen Rider Kabuto figure right now. Seen the guy at a stage event but I'm still waiting for his signing event.

nellygeek78 said...

You have the Clare N47, lucky. I'm looking for one but she's hard to find (lots of bootlegs)

Tokyo Hunter said...

I preordered mine and got her upon release. She's now going for over 10,000 yen at the hobby shops in Akihabara! O_o

Anonymous said...

wow do they have ikeas in japan too or did you bring that detolf in from somewhere?

Anyway holy cow on your collection lol

Tokyo Hunter said...

Yup, there are three IKEA stores in Japan.

cub3k_cub3 said...

Whooa...that's a LOOT of figures there tokyohunter, amazing you could still able to see your floor :)

How long does it takes you to get all your collections?

No doubt mate, you're the KING of Kamen Rider..

Thanks for sharing ur collection.

Tokyo Hunter said...

I've been building this collection when I started living in Japan back in 2006. I do have some stuff from when I first started toy collecting back in 2000 but most of them were sold off to make room for new ones.

Colette Bennett said...

An enviable collection! Thanks for showing it to us, I like to see your treasures ^__^

Akita Niko said...

oh great... I don't feel guilty now that I seen a bigger stack of unbuilt models...

bob said...

do you get a lot of dust in your room?

Tokyo Hunter said...

I don't open my windows that often but yes, I do get dust in my room. I collect toys and my toys collect dust!