Wednesday, July 23, 2008

World Characters Convention 2008 coverage

This year's World Characters Convention Gate Of The Next (what a mouthful!) was held at Tokyo Big Sight on 20 & 21 July 2008. The show's first two-day event was packed with special guest appearances that include Minoru Kawasaki (director of "Girara no Gyakushuu"), Akira Kushida, Kohji Moritsugu, Hiroshi Fujioka (Takeshi Hongo a.k.a. Kamen Rider #1), and a few others, as well as panels and special live stage shows of Godman vs Greenman, Girara vs Take Majin, Akira Kushida live singing, and a Hiroshi Fujioka special stage event (held on the second day) that I regrettably missed out on. I attended the first day event on Sunday and met up with my good buddy Adrian and new comrade Shawn. It's mainly a flea market event where the show floor was mostly taken up by small vendors and individuals selling their toys and import goods that are priced from might-as-well-give-it-away cheap to eye-poppingly expensive. Of course there are the regular industry companies there as well including Bandai, Fewture Models, Takara Tomy, Medicom Toy, and a single table for GigaBrain where they sold their WCC event-exclusive Giga Gokin Final Dancouga Showdown set and some sofubi monsters.

Everything at 50% off!

Import Transformers Animated toys and a whole bunch of other goodies at discounted prices.

Painted sample of Bandai's VF-25F on display. Looking good! I got the DX Gokin version preordered!

Project BM! Setsuna F. Seiei will only be available for preorder through Tamashii Web Store from 29 July to 3 September 2008 with a retail price of 17,640 yen and coming out in December 2008.

RAH DX Kamen Rider Black RX revealed! Meh ... I much prefer Kamen Rider Black than the sequel.

Project BM! Negataros is a purchase ticket limited that can be ordered with the serial numbered ticket that will come with Project BM! Kamen Rider Nega Den-O.

GigaBrain's WCC event exclusive Giga Gokin Final Dancouga Showdown set that pairs Final Dancouga with Nise (Fake) Dancouga and also comes packed with a special Jyusenki Tai emblem pin.

No idea who she is or which series she's from but I do know that this is sculpted by Cerberus Project and I absolutely must have this piece! Coming soon from Fewture Models as a PVC release!

Massive B-Club limited RX-78 Gundam Ver. KA at a whopping 180,000 yen! O_O

Absolute love the two viking skulls on the sides. According to maker Tiger Jet Michiko of Vinyl Junkies, she's taking order requests for the figures but have yet to price them. She estimated it will cost her 50,000 yen each to make! I don't want to imagine how much the markup price will be after hearing that! But I so want that bling viking skull!

Girara hath no mercy on little kids. *crushes head*

Take Majin (face of Beat Takeshi and voiced by the actor in the "Girara no Gyakushuu" movie) held an absolutely gorgeous young lady captive in his rubber suit arms. She's from the movie but I know not of her name. Does anyone know?

Ultra Seven was there to greet fans at the show in his human-sized form. I much prefer this classic suit design over the steroid-overdose Ultraseven X.

And sitting nearby Ultra Seven was Kohji Moritsugu a.k.a. Dan Moroboshi, signing stuff for the fans. Too bad I didn't have any Ultra Seven stuff for him to sign. I'll get his signature on something next time.

Check out more photos in my flickr gallery below!

World Characters Convention 2008 gallery

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