Friday, November 23, 2007

Queen's Blade Shizuka Mekenin ver. PVC

Item: Excellent Model Limited Shizuka Mekenin (fugitive ninja) Ver. PVC
Height: 20cm
Series: Queen's Blade
Maker: Mega House
Price: 5,775 yen
Order deadline: 25 December 2007
Release date: May 2008
Info: Hobby Japan January 2008 issue mail order exclusive.


Anonymous said...

It seems the color scheme (red/white) is different from her normal scheme (black/purple). Are they going to release a normal distribution of this figure?
I really like the figure and I don't really want to pay a hefty sum just to own one. =(

Tokyo Hunter said...

It's a Hobby Japan mail order exclusive, so normal mass market distribution is not gonna happen.