Monday, November 26, 2007

Haul pics - 23 November 2007

Banpresto Rider Mask Display Kamen Rider V3 The Next - 980 yen

Got the V3 The Next mask to add to my Rider Mask Display collection on Friday while checking out the stores in Nakano. A cheap bargain at the Robot Robot store for a mere 980 yen when the rest of the stores are selling it for 1,100-1,500 yen.

This is the 6th addition to Banpresto's Rider Mask Display series and I'll be getting the upcoming Den-O and Zeronos Altair Form masks despite how much I hate the damn Den-O show just so I can complete the collection. V3 The Next movie was a flaming bag of turd, too. Love the updated V3 suit design but that's about the only thing I like from the movie. The horror/action movie tried way too hard to be both 'scary' and 'action-packed' but failed miserably.

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UNIT-1978 said...

Gotta see some pics of the rest of these helmets.

Tokyo Hunter said...

Check the link below for pics:

I'll post pics of my Rider Mask Display collection when I'm done unpacking all of my stuff.