Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Haul pics - 27 November 2007

Suntory Final Fantasy VII potion with Trading Arts Mini - 8 cans - 980 yen each

Vol.3 of Suntory's Final Fantasy VII potions came out today. Got all 8 types from a nearby 7-11 in Sano at 980 yen each. Pricey but each potion comes with 1 of 8 trading figures and a beautiful packaging, too! I initially expected that the trading figures will be randomly-packed with each potion but thankfully they're not and I got the complete set out of the 8 potions I bought.

Based on the photo in this post, from top to bottom, left to right, the figures that come with each potion are as follows:

#1 - Cloud Strife FFVII:AC
#2 - Cloud Strife
#3 - Sephiroth
#4 - Zack Fair
#5 - Vincent Valentine
#6 - Tifa Lockhart
#7 - Reno & Rude
#8 - Aerith Gainsborough

No plans to open the figures now because I've yet to finish unpacking all my toys and plan on dedicating a nice row on one of my shelves to display my Final Fantasy collection. Check out my flickr photo gallery below for more pics.

Haul pics - 27 November 2007 gallery


ttran said...

OMG Now I want them all XD
Curse Canada for not having any cool stuff!

Kev said...

omg, I bought a few as souvenirs when I was in Japan, and I picked them randomly. If only I knew they weren't random -_-