Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Revoltech EVA-01 Yamashita Ikuto Original Color Version picture gallery

I've just opened and played with my Revoltech EVA-01 exclusive figure and snapped several pics of it in various poses. It's basically the same as the regular Revoltech EVA-01 except for some really cool markings by Yamashita Ikuto and some parts, specifically the torso and upper arms, are made of clear purple plastic. It comes with the same weapons and accessories, too. Unfortunately, I left my regular Revoltech EVA-01 at the office along with all of my other Revoltech figures so I don't have any Revoltech figures to take comparison pics, but I did take some close-up pics of the figure for your viewing pleasure. Click here to view the picture gallery. To all clients who preordered this figure with me, it'll be shipped out to you within the first week of January 2007! For now, enjoy the pics! (^_^)

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