Saturday, December 02, 2006

Kotobukiya Shop Radio Kaikan 2F pics

Now with their third store just opened in Akihabara, Kotobukiya did some rearrangements with their old store on the second floor of the Radio Kaikan building. Some interesting stuff on display include the Macross 1/60 YF-19 (final product), Superman and Batman suits, Garland Autonomous Force color version, and the Votoms 1/12 Brutish Dog. Click here to check out the pics I took of their new second floor arrangements.


Anonymous said...

Kotobukiya sells Dolfies in their stores?!~ OMG!~ What models are they?

-Shirou-oh Sakura

Tokyo Hunter said...

They have a small section of dolls mostly Blythes, Momoko, 12" soldier dolls, etc. Lots of parts and clothings available for purchase as well.