Friday, December 01, 2006

Kotobukiya Shop Radio Kaikan 1F new store opening coverage

Kotobukiya opened their new store (website) in Akihabara today on the first floor of the Radio Kaikan building (Kotobukiya's other store is on the 2nd floor in the same building), and I was there to cover the event for HLJ as well as for my own personal interest. I arrived 45 minutes early before the official opening time at 10am and manage to get into the store (big thanks to Scott for contacting the President of Kotobukiya to let me in) before they opened the flood gates. Click here for a 3D layout of the new store.

There were roughly 50 people lined up to get the opening day exclusives (click here and here for info) by the time I arrived, and over 150 enthusiastic collectors lined up for the exclusives by the time the store opened. While I was happily checking out the brand new store and snapping tons of pics with my digital camera, dozens of Kotobukiya staffers were busy making last minute arrangements to make sure that the opening will run without a hitch.

Kotobukiya now has three stores in Akihabara alone, and this new store by far the biggest one with tons of merchandise that's not just of Kotobukiya's own products but tons of other companies' stuff as well. The store is nicely arranged with tons of display cases and shelves stocked with merchandise up to the ceiling. The types of merchandise on sale at the store include Studio Ghibli plush dolls, Nightmare Before Christmas goods, maid cakes, puddings, and cookies, Rement miniature goods, sushi keychains and clocks, and of course tons and tons of Kotobukiya's products. Kotobukiya also have their own drink vending machine right beside the main entrance that currently sells cans of @home cafe's Maid Cafe no Cocoa drink and Kotobukiya's own can of Votoms Woodo black coffee. There might be more of Kotobukiya's special anime tie-in drinks coming in the near future.

When the store was officially opened at 10am, all hell broke loose as the crowds flood into the store and the Kotobukiya Shop Opening Exclusive Asuka Gothic Lolita Santa version were flying off the shelves. It's pretty difficult to move around the store when you have over 100 people packed in one store and squeezed in small isles. On December 3rd, these two babes from Tantei File will be making a special guest appearance at Kotobukiya's new store. I won't be there on that day to check 'em out as I'll be attending the World Characters Convention.

Click here to view all 193 pics of Kotobukiya's new store!

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