Saturday, December 02, 2006

Haul pics - 02 December 2006

Items purchased yesterday include Kotobukiya Shop Opening Exclusive Asuka Gothic Lolita Santa version with free santa hat (5,200 yen), Kotobukiya Kingdom Hearts II Play Arts Final Form Sora (3,990 yen) for client, @home cafe's Maid Cafe no Cocoa and Kotobukiya's Votoms Woodo black coffee drinks for myself, and no I won't be drinking them. I'll purchase and try out the drinks when I'm in Akihabara. I'm keeping the ones I have now for my little novelty anime cans collection! :)

Kotobukiya gave away their very own Kotobukiya branded grape flavored "Long Gum" (bubble gum) as a free gift for every customer that made purchases at their new store on the first opening day. I shared most of it with my colleagues at work. It tastes like a typical bubble gum just that it's in this super long shape. Boy, it's been quite a while since I had a bubble gum.

Click here for bigger pics.

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