Thursday, November 02, 2006

400% Be@rbrick SAW DOLL Yamashiroya exclusive

Yamashiroya will be offering a 400% Be@rbrick SAW DOLL Limited Edition Yamashiroya exclusive on 18th & 19th November 2006 in conjunction with Yamashiroya's 5th anniversary celebration. Yamashiroya collaborated with Medicom Toy to release this Be@rbrick figure that's limited to 666 pieces, stands 28cm tall, and comes with a retail price of 5,040 yen (5% government sales tax included). This limited piece can only be purchased at Yamashiroya's store in Ueno, Tokyo and each customer can only purchase 5 pieces at most. If you're interested in this piece, please e-mail me at to place your order and I will help you obtain the item. "Let the game begin." ;)

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