Sunday, November 12, 2006

Akihabara & Nakano sightings - 12 November 2006

Prices shown are store prices, mostly with 5% government sales tax included. All items are in mint condition unless stated otherwise. Interested buyers please contact me at as soon as possible so I can help you with obtaining these items on my next trip.

Takara Transformers Star Convoy - 20,790 yen
Takara Transformers Star Saber - 26,040 yen
Takara Transformers Cybertron Hero Collection No.3: Cybertron Warriors-9 set - 3,129 yen
Bandai SIC Vol 11 Side Machine & Kikaider - opened but completed - 9,450 yen
Bandai SIC Toei Hero Net Exclusive Kamen Rider Faiz Axel Form - 10,290 yen
Bandai SIC Hero Saga Limited Version Another RX - 5,250 yen
Takatoku Toys Orguss 1/40 Gerwalk Nikick - C9 condition - 21,000 yen
Kaiyodo Trigun Vash The Stampede with Sunglasses - Signed by Yasuhiro Nightow and two other person I don't recognize - 5,000 yen
Anime & Movie Cutie Honey set limited to 2004 pieces - 8,694 yen
Mega House Sengoku Cannon Excellent Model Core Koyori - 26,040 yen
Alpha Range Murata PSE Pro #01 Skipper - 5,754 yen
Alpha Range Murata PSE Pro #01 Skipper Gray ver. - 6,804 yen
Alpha Range Murata PSE Pro #02 Trinode - 5,229 yen

Yellow Submarine
Bandai SIC Toei Hero Net Exclusive Kamen Rider Pre-Amazon - 9,500 yen

GSI Creos Pinky:st Post Pet Fun Factory Ver. set of 4 - 2,940 yen
Pinky:st Hyper Blossom & Peach garage kit - 3,150 yen
Hobby Japan WonderFest 2006 Summer Exclusive Army-san kit - 3,675 yen
Hobby Japan WonderFest 2006 Summer Exclusive Navy-san kit - 3,675 yen
Hobby Japan WonderFest 2006 Summer Exclusive Jiei-tan kit - 3,675 yen
Bandai Chou Shin Sei Flashman DX Chogokin Flashin King Box - Mint C9.5 condition - 42,000 yen
Medicom Toy Star Wars Clone Trooper Lieutenant VCD - 8,400 yen
Columbia Music Entertainment Chou Sentai Tamashii (Super Sentai Soul) music CD collection - 4,200 yen

Mandarake Nakano
Volks Fate/stay night Customize Figure Chara Cast Saber - 12,600 yen
GSI Creos Pinky rmp Nazuna with cylinder display case - 3,675 yen
GSI Creos Pinky rmp Caine with cylinder display case - 3,150 yen
Square Enix Valkyrie Profile Silmeria Limited Edition - 3,150 yen
Medicom Toy Star Wars Darth Vader VCD - 8,400 yen
Medicom Toy Star Wars Tie Fighter Pilot VCD - 8,400 yen
Medicom Toy Star Wars Clone Trooper VCD - 8,400 yen
Medicom Toy Star Wars Stromtrooper VCD - 8,400 yen
Takara Transformers Seacons complete set of 6 - C9 condition - 36,750 yen
Popy Chogokin Deluxe God Sigma - C8 condition - 57,750 yen

Robot Robot
Banpresto Dragon Ball Z Shenlong - 24,800 yen
Hasbro Star Wars Unleashed Boba Fett with custom clamshell packaging - 7,800 yen

Interesting sightings
Good Smile Company's upcoming Rozen Maiden 1/8 Shinku on display at Kotobukiya's store in Akihabara.

Spotted Playstation 3 for sale at Mandarake's video game shop, Galaxy, in Nakano with 20GB PS3 marked up to 73,500 yen (original retail price: 49,980 yen) and 60GB PS3 marked up to 94,500 yen (original retail price: 59,980 yen). They only have one of each available for sale. I've not seen any store in Akihabara or Nakano that has PS3s for sale except for Galaxy in Nakano. Those units will probably be snatch up soon despite the high markup as it's still cheaper than getting it from Yahoo Japan Auctions or eBay. Thankfully I got my 60GB PS3 at launch date from a home entertainment store in my little countryside town of Tatebayashi, and the best thing is that I only waited in line for 2 hours and 30 minutes! Started lining up from 4:30am on launch date (11 November) and was the 6th person in line. They started handing out reservation tickets at 7am and then we're free to go anywhere until 10am that day to make the purchase. They only have 6 units of each type and I was the last person to get the 60GB PS3. The PS3 launch lineup of games suck so I currently don't have any games to play on my shiny new PS3 except for Ridge Racer 7 and Blast Factor demos. Guess I'll have to stick with playing the game demos and more to be available for download in the near future until a good PS3 title comes out or the price for Resistance: Fall of Man drops to below 4,000 yen. Lowest price I've seen for the game is 4,980 yen in a game shop in Akihabara.

Click here to check out more pics in bigger sizes as well as some pics not linked in the above text. Enjoy!

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