Sunday, November 05, 2006

Akihabara & Nakano Sightings - 04 November 2006

Prices shown are store prices, mostly with 5% government sales tax included. All items are in mint condition unless stated otherwise. Interested buyers please contact me at as soon as possible so I can help you with obtaining these items on my next trip.

Konami Figuanime Project #1 Otogijushi Akazukin Event Exclusive - 5,250 yen
Unifive Shining Wind SRSP Xecty Ein Wonderfest 2006 Summer exclusive - 2,625 yen
Azone Gundam Seed Destiny Kira Yamato Chara Hobby 2006 exclusive limited to 200 pieces - 36,750 yen
Azone Gundam Seed Destiny Meer Campbell Chara Hobby 2006 exclusive limited to 200 pieces - 36,750 yen
Azone Gundam Seed Destiny Lacus Clyne Chara Hobby 2006 exclusive limited to 200 pieces - 36,750 yen
Medicom Toy Metal Gear Solid 3 RAH Snake Squares Camouflage version Wonderfest 2005 Winter exclusive - 18,900 yen
Medicom Toy RAH Captain Udon - 12,600 yen
Bandai 1/100 MG Gyan Extra Finish Version Chara Hobby 2006 exclusive - 12,600 yen
Takatoku Gohkin Goshogun - C9 condition - 94,500 yen
Takatoku Orguss 1/40 Orguss Orgroid - C9 condition - 12,600 yen
Kaiyodo Robot Museum Dangan-X version GaoGaiGar & ChoRyuJin set Wonderfest 2002 Summer exclusive - 2,625 yen
Toy Box Super Change Robo Mechabot-1 (a.k.a. Omega Supreme from Transformers) - parts complete - 8,400 yen

Enter Bay 1/6 Bruce Lee Game of Death version - 36,750 yen

Cospa & Uchuusen
Good Smile Company To Heart 2 1/8 Lucy Maria Misora limited edition with Lucy Maria Misora drama CD - 5,800 yen

Interesting sightings
Nintendo Wii console and Nunchucks on display at Yodabashi Camera along with retail package of Wii-mote. Nintendo Wii info plate.
Playstation 3 kiosks with playable Ridge Racer 7 and PS3 game trailers at Yodabashi Camera.
Revoltech Mazinkaiser & Getter 3 on display at Kaiyodo's store.

AsoBitCity started taking preorders for the Nintendo Wii on November 3rd and only those with AsoBitCity member cards can place their preorders. They've now stopped accepting preorders when I went to Akihabara today. If only I had gone to Akihabara yesterday instead of watching the movie premiere of Death Note: The Last Name.

Most major game stores in Akihabara have signs up in their stores announcing that PS3 will be in stock on launch date, November 11th, with AsoBitCity starting to sell at 7am on that day and another store commencing sales at 10am on launch date. I'll try to place my preorders on Japanese sites but if I can't secure an order for one for myself, I guess I'll just have to spend the night in Akihabara waiting in line from the eve of the launch date in hopes of getting one.

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