Saturday, November 25, 2006

Clayz Moe-ro Matsuri 2006 coverage

As stated in my previous post a couple of days ago, Clayz held their own figure event called Clayz Moe~ro Matsuri from 25-26th November on the 5th floor of this building in Akihabara, and I attended the first day of their event. By the time I arrived to attend the event in the morning around 10am, the Clayz staff gave me a Spongebob Squarpants paper note with the number C177 written on it plus the entrance time starting at 12:40pm.

The event began at 11am and I couldn't get in line to get in until the stated time on my paper. So I took the time to do my rounds going through several toy stores in Akihabara before returning back again at 12:30pm to line up for the event. Unfortunately, all C groups had to wait until the B group gets in and since I'm number 177 in the C group, I had to line up according to the numbers to get in. They're only letting in a small group of people in at a time to prevent overcrowding in the small event space. I had to wait in line for about an hour and 15 minutes before I finally got in. All the good stuff, particularly the prepainted cold cast statue of Karen that two clients wanted me to purchase for them were sold out early in the morning. However I did manage to get the Black Saber and Rei-chan & Chibi-kun figures for a client by filing out an order form (numbered 677, so there were already 676 other people that got into the event before me!) then had to get into another line until a maid at the counter calls out my number. There were still over a hundred people lining up waiting to get into the event by the time I got out. Easily over 1,000 people attended the event today and will probably be as crowded for tomorrow's event.

Click here to check out pics of the event, particularly rows of Clayz's stuff on display at the tables.


Sophie said...

What anime or manga is the figure of Karen off?
Plus is she still for sale who was she only for sale at the event?

Tokyo Hunter said...

Sorry, I'm not familiar with the figure. Not sure which series Karen is from. The figure was only sold at the event.