Sunday, November 19, 2006

Haul pics - 18 November 2006

I went to visit Yamashiroya's store in Ueno today and bought three Yamashiroya exclusive 400% Be@rbrick SAW dolls for my clients. Each retails for 5,040 yen and limited to 666 pieces. The Be@rbrick SAW doll was made to celebrate Yamashiroya's 5th anniversary on November 18th and coincidentally the SAW III movie also premiered on the same date in Japan. I also purchased this Pinky:st Post Pet Fun Factory version set of 4 for 2,940 yen from Mandarake for one of my loyal clients.

Right after I returned from my trip, I received two sets (red and gold) of Road Warriors Animal & Hawk limited edition figures from the delivery company. The order was placed on PsychoToyBarn's website on November 17th and arrived the next day! Each set retails for 9,600 yen with the red set limited to 1,500 pieces and the gold set is a PsychoToyBarn exclusive limited to 300 pieces. The sets are still available at PsychoToyBarn so interested buyers can contact me at and I'll help with purchasing the sets for you.

Then there's the Resistance: Fall of Man PS3 game that I finally broke down and purchased today. I know I previously said all PS3 launch lineup of games sucked but after checking out the reviews for the game and it received high scores from Gamespot and IGN (X-Play gave it a five ... out of five), I went to Yamada Denki (a local electronics store in my town) and purchased the game for only 3,990 yen! I did previously mention that I'd get the game if I can find it for under 4,000 yen but I didn't expect to be able to get it at that price a week after launch! Well, I did use my 1,000 yen worth of points to deduct the cost on top of the 15% discount it was going for at Yamada Denki so I got a great deal! I've only played about 10 minutes into the game and everything looks great! Controls are tight and the graphics truly brings out the capabilities of the PS3 (of course the PS3 can still do even more when developers find ways to push the PS3 to its graphical limits). Alright time to head back and play the game now. Gotta try out the multiplayer for this game!

Click here to check out my haul pics.

Check back soon for my coverage (114 pictures!) of Yamashiroya's 7 storey hobby store!

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