Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Treasure Festa in Ariake 2 - Touhou Project

Treasure Festa in Ariake (Tokyo Big Sight) is a biannual garage kit & hobby flea market event organized by Griffon Enterprises for sculptor circles to sell their latest offerings, and dealers to sell their goods. There's also a biannual Treasure Festa in Kobe with the first one held on 29 April and the second event happening soon. Held on 12th October, the second Treasure Festa in Ariake event had space assigned for Touhou Project doujin circles for the first time to sell their manga, CDs, and miscellaneous accessories related to the game and its characters. I'm amazed at just how much Touhou Project is gaining popularity this year with more and more sculptor circles producing resin kits of the characters. This post covers just some of the best ones that caught my attention. I only know a handful of the characters' names but will try my best to identify each one.

Beautiful art of Treasure Festa mascot and Reimu as illustrated by POP. I don't know if they finally came up with a name for the cute mascot. Griffon had asked for name suggestions from event attendees before but I don't know if they had officially named the character. Tretan? Fetan? What would you name her?

Touhou Project Fortune corner. This was taken prior to the start of the event. Pay 100 yen per try to shake a fortune box and pick out a piece of paper that's illustrated with an image of 1 out of 12 Touhou Project characters along with text that tells your fortune.

Sculpt is average but the concept is interesting.

Alice and her puppets.

Not sure who this character is. Help? ^^;

Sakuya, I presume.

Dynamically posed Reimu.

Out of all the ones presented, this one's my favorite!

Here's another look at this sweetie.

Absolutely gorgeous sculpt of Yukari!

Alice and two puppets. This was one of T's System's latest works presented at the event.

Not familiar with this one. Sanae??

This I do know! Remilia Scarlet by T's System.

Very impressive work by Sakura Zensen. I though Marisa's outfit colors are supposed to be black and white. Still pretty nice!

Another one of Sakura Zensen's fantastic work. This one's my pick for best Reimu sculpt! I'd buy it in a heartbeat if only it was a PVC fig.

For some reason this sculpt of Suika reminds me of Horo from Spice & Wolf cosplaying as the character. Might have been the face and hair color.

This was the only Touhou Project PVC figure I saw that was for sale at the event. It's a PVC figure of Marisa based on POP's illustration and produced by Golden City Factory. Comes with a music CD with music composed by ZUN. First entry in their Toho Midnight Figure Collection series with a retail price of just 3,500 yen. That's a pretty good deal for a figure with music CD!

The second entry will be Reimu due out end of this year.

Toranoana's table filled with Touhou Project soft vinyl and PVC figures.

Liquid Stone's Touhou Project color resin figure kits.

Lineup of Liquid Stone's Mameshiki Touhou Project color resin figure kits. They just announced that they'll be making completed PVC figures of the series starting with Reimu and Marisa! Scheduled for release in Spring 2010.

Mame Aya, Suwako, Cirno, and Sanae were Liquid Stone's latest releases offered at the event.

Check out the flickr photo gallery set linked below for more pics.

Treasure Festa in Ariake 2 - Touhou Project gallery

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Belgarion said...

I would call her Moetan .... ^^;

T's System Remilia looks gorgeous! If it was I - I'd tweek the face a little bit to bring out the vampire charm more through.

Sakura Zensen's Reimu is beautiful! Very dynamic, very alive, captures the moment perfectly.Face job, paint job and accessories - all greatly done and picked out.

Both POP Marissa and Remu are very cute. And great deals too!

Thanks for the great review and pics of the event. You got me drooling over Japan once again...


meronpan said...

i believe that one you didn't recognize with the scythe is onozuka komachi

PaulKami said...

Yes correct, Onozuka Komachi... her boss is Yamada (okok, short form)

And yes >_< So many Touhou stuff, great >_< b Would love to have the 6 sets of figurings there...

Tokyo Hunter said...

Moetan would be great but that name is already taken. ^^

Meronpan, PaulKami
Thanks for letting me know! Much appreciated!

Cshen said...

Yes that is Sanae.