Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Treasure Festa in Ariake 2 - Dimension Diver

Continuing with the Treasure Festa in Ariake 2 coverage, here's a look at the goods offered by my favorite sculptor circle--Dimension Diver! Pictured above is Dimension Diver's Aegis color resin kit that was first offered at Wonder Festival 2009 Summer, now offered with FES version armor parts.

figma Aegis due out this month. How many of you prefer Dimension Diver's over figma?

Would it having the armor on change your preference?

Personally, I'd pick Dimension Diver's kit if only I have the skills to paint it this good.

Metis was also first offered at WF2009 Summer along with Aegis. The ones shown above are of the new Orgia Mode Metis color resin kit.

Unpainted samples. Still looks pretty good without paint.

A brand new offering from Dimension Diver was a color resin kit of X-11 With Neuroi from Strike Witches. One on the left is colored and the right is unpainted.

Shiroi pantsu~! :3

Unpainted but looks just as good. Anybody interested in picking up this kit?

Color resin kit of Neo Okusaer from Shinkon Gattai Godannar. Initially offered at WF2009 Summer and offered once again at Treasure Festa. One on the left is painted and the other unpainted.

Dimension Diver not only sculpts robots, he does fixed-pose anime figures, too. This one's of Mion from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.


Check out the flickr photo gallery set linked below for more pics.

Treasure Festa in Ariake 2 - Dimension Diver gallery

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Belgarion said...

-Dimension Diver is one of my favourite sculptors too. His works offer a lot more than mainstream goodies, though unfortunately I am in the same possition you are with the skill in painting...

Which is a real shame, because with all the awesome kits that are coming around (Now to even Mention Volk's Kosmos...) I feel like I am missing out on a lot.

Ooh! Me! Me! Pick me! Joke aside, I am actually interested in the Metis and Neuroi kits~ Do let me know of the pricetags *gulps*

hanks again for the pics - I am looking forward to more (?)


kiddai said...

I am quite interested of the Dimension Diver's Aegis and Metis kit...

Though, the question in mind, how much will it cost for each one?

If it was somewhere on my budget and available, I would be happy to get them...or either one :)

Thanks for the info. Looking forward for more.


Veloxiraptor said...

What I like about the DD sets is that they don't feel the need to shoot for 100% accuracy to the character's concept art. The facesculpts for Aegis and Metis here look very much like Fumikane Shimada's artstyle, and while Aegis's armor isn't accurate to the game, it looks better for it.

LEon said...

Indeed. A deadly poison Trap!

Aya Kyunik said...

Oh nice!
I'd be interested in the Neuroi DD, a price quote would be great :D

Tokyo Hunter said...

I have one of each of the Dimension Diver Aegis, Metis, Witch Neuroi, and Neo Okusaer kits for sale. Due to overwhelming demand that I've received for the kits in the past couple of days, I plan on listing them up for auction on eBay so everyone has a fair shot at getting the kits. Auctions will be listed up this coming Sunday 18 October around 11am Japan time onwards. Thanks! ^^

Steve Keys said...

Man, I want that Neuroi kit so bad.

Tokyo Hunter said...

Hey Steve,
I have one last Neuroi kit for sale as of this post. Please email me for details!