Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Treasure Festa in Ariake 2 - K-On!

I didn't have much time to follow the latest anime lately but I did catch K-On!, and it is by far my favorite show of the year! Mio being my favorite character, of course! ^^ Aside from the abundant Touhou Project stuff, there were quite noticeably a lot of K-On! resin kits offered at Treasure Festa in Ariake 2. This post covers just a handful of the good ones. The majority of the K-On! kits weren't that great and I probably had missed a few, too.

Incredibly large 1/4-scale resin kit of Mio by S-MIST. Gorgeous sculpt. Want! If only it was in 1/6 scale ... and came pre-painted as a PVC figure. I can't find space for a 1/4-scale figure like that except putting it on the floor and be careful not to step on it!

Another Mio sculpt that's very nicely done.

This one was done by a female sculptor. Still a work in progress.

Pantsu in reflection! :3

Another large 1/4-scale work by S-MIST. Azusa's face looks a bit off, don't you think?

Forgot the sculptor circle that made this but I likey!

Consider my heartstrings pulled!

Nice sculpt of Yui, but ...

... this one's clearly the best out of all the Yui resin kits offered at the event IMO. Japanese sign in background reads "Sold out!" as it should for a gorgeous sculpt like this!

Bust sculpts of Ritsu and Mio. Not a lot of sculpts of Ritsu and hardly any of Tsumugi. Saw a couple of the two characters but they're not worth a second look. ^^;

Check out the flickr photo gallery set linked below for more pics.

Treasure Festa in Ariake 2 - K-On! gallery

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