Sunday, January 06, 2008

Haul pics - 06 January 2008

A tiny haul from Super Festival 45, plus a small package from Amazon Japan when I got back in the evening.

I've been searching for this piece for my little Spawn collection for quite some time now but I could never find one that's not been jacked up in price. This Japan exclusive Spawn figure was originally packed as a special bonus figure with Namco's terrible "Spawn: Armageddon" game. Got this at Super Festival for a super low price of a mere 1,000 yen!

Here's the signature I got from Ultraman suit actor Satoshi Furuya. Cost 2,000 yen per signature.

And here's Yuuki Sato's signature on my World Characters Convention exclusive Kamen Rider Gatack Clockup ver. figure. Had to pay 3,000 yen for his signature. Ouch!

These two came in soon after I got back from Super Festival. More details on the figures here. I plan on listing them up on eBay for auction as a set with starting price at cost. Check back soon for my upcoming auction listings.

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cydkick said...

Wow at that Gattack Clock Up Ver.! The signature is like a cherry on top. A 3,000 yen cherry that is.

Tokyo Hunter said...

My RHS TheBee Rider Form signed by Masato Uchiyama comes in second in terms of cost! Paid 300 yen for the figure and Masato's signature cost me about 2,000 yen if I remember correctly.

cydkick said...

Makes me jealous. =P

rick said...

does anyone know were you can buy that spawn armageddon figure online ?

Tokyo Hunter said...

I'm sorry, I don't know where you can get it online. You should try checking eBay or Yahoo Japan auctions.