Sunday, January 06, 2008

Super Festival 45 coverage

Back from attending the 45th Super Festival hobby-type flea market event. I've been to three Super Festivals since last year and this is by far my favorite! It's not that I bought a ton of stuff at bargain prices there (actually got just one item at a dirt cheap price), I finally got to meet Yuuki Sato (played as Arata Kagami/Kamen Rider Gatack in Kamen Rider Kabuto) and got him to sign my limited edition Gatack figure, plus I also shook hands and got an autograph from Satoshi Furuya whose most famous role was the Ultraman suit actor in the classic 1966 Ultraman show! Got a free ticket to the Ultraman Exhibition: Operation Roppongi Sky, too! Eriku Yoza (played as Jin/Ultraseven X in the craptacular Ultraseven X show) was also one of the special guests at the signing event.

Here's a shot of Furuya-san signing a fan's Ultraman replica mask, and a shot of photos of him back in 1966 as the Ultraman suit actor.

Fewture is taking preorders at the event and also through their online store for the special Go Nagai color version of their EX Gohkin Mazinger 1969, scheduled for release in May 2008. Preorder deadline is on January 31st. Those who placed their preorders at the Go Nagai 40th anniversary exhibition event and at Super Festival 45 will receive a Mazinger illustration signed by Go Nagai and delivered together with the special color version of EX Gohkin Mazinger 1969.

Two characters (Left: Shion, Right: Senna Kyoudou) from Alice Soft's "Dai Bancho -Big Bang Age-" game will be Fewture's next Lilics PVC offerings. Senna is coming out in March and Shion in May. 6,800 yen each. Not familiar with the game but Senna looks real nice though!

Nifty Scopedog papercrafts by AGA that can allow a Microman Chirico figure to fit inside its cockpit.

They also plan on releasing a papercraft of the EVA cockpit that fits a Fraulein Revoltech Rei figure. Me want!

The crucifixion of the Ultra brothers. Should have gotten one of Ultraman on the cross. Oh well, maybe I might be able to snag one at the next Super Festival in three months' time.

CM's Corporation's upcoming Brave Gohkin Legioss figures with TREADs were on display at their booth alongside their tiny little Brave Gohkin Ride Armors. Eta is scheduled for a mass market release in February 2008, Iota is an exclusive that will only be available through CM's Corporation's website in March, and Zeta is also coming out in March as a Toys R Us exclusive. Thanks to my good friend SaveRobotech from Macross World for the info.

Life size Chucky dolls! Freaky! @_@;

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Super Festival 45 coverage gallery

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