Tuesday, July 24, 2007

WonderFest Summer & Chara Hobby 2007

For the past couple of weeks, I received tons of emails from clients and potential clients asking the same obvious question on whether or not I'll be attending WonderFest Summer 2007. I'm going to make it clear right now that I WILL be attending the event and Chara Hobby as well. Why would I miss out on attending Japan's biggest hobby events of the year!? Now, as for whether or not I'll be able to help with any purchases of event exclusives, the answer is yes ... and no. Yes, I will be helping clients purchase exclusive items at both events, but I will only purchase as much as I can carry back without straining my shoulders. My WonderFest Winter 2007 haul caused terrible pain to my shoulders for more than a month!

More importantly, my main priority at both events will be to cover the events for HLJ. I'll be busy taking pictures of all upcoming and newly announced items, which will cause me to miss out on purchasing limited items such as Ignis the Red WF exclusive that's limited to only 200 pieces. Even though I can take orders for specific exclusives, I can not guarantee that I'll be able to purchase them in time before they're sold out. Although I will have a press pass for me to enter the events early, they have an ironclad rule to not sell anything to anyone until the events officially begin. Those who wish to place orders with me for the exclusive items will have to understand that there's no guarantee I'd be able to make the purchase. Clients will have to pay in advance for the items and I will fully refund the amount if I am unsuccessful in purchasing the items. I take orders on a first come, first served basis. Please do not contact me about the exclusives until I've posted up the lists of exclusive items for both events in the next day or two. Check back soon for updates!

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