Sunday, July 01, 2007

Haul pics - 01 July 2007

Super Festival is my favorite flea market event of all time and here are my reasons:

Earthworm Jim action figures
Playmates Earthworm Jim - 500 yen
Playmates Psycrow - 300 yen
Playmates Henchrat and Evil the Cat - 300 yen
Got them for dirt cheap. They're some of my favorite game and cartoon characters since I first played the game on Sega Genesis and watched the cartoon show. At such a low price, I'd be stupid not to get them! The sculpts are decent but I'll need to repaint them all soon. "EAT DIRT, evildoers!" *blasts gun frantically*

Bandai 12" Garo Kiramekibito signed by Keita Amemiya - 3,500 yen
I already got this figure for my Garo collection but not one of my favorites though. However, the fact that it's limited to only 10 pieces at Super Festival 43 (5 silver signatures and 5 gold signatures), priced at 3,500 yen (original retail price at 5,800 yen), and signed by the creator and director of one of my favorite tokusatsu shows, GARO, I didn't hesitate to reach for my wallet and made the purchase on the spot when I saw it. I should have also bought the silver signature version too. Oh well, I'm pretty happy with this gold signature.

Blobpus Ukiyo Ver. - 4,500 yen
Got this on behalf of a client. I got into the event an hour before the 10:30am official starting time and was first in line to purchase it! The seller made everybody wait till the official starting time of the event to begin selling them though.

And here's the best part ...

Bandai Eureka Seven Renton Thurston's shoes - 1,000 yen
Yup, you read that right! One freakin' thousand yen for a pair of official Eureka Seven Renton's pair of size 8.5 shoes. Original retail was at 16,800 yen but for some odd reason, the seller decided to sell his whole stack of the shoes for 1,000 yen per pair! Nothing wrong with them at all. They're perfectly in brand new condition and never taken out of the box until I took the shoes out to take pics after I got back home. Another regret that I didn't get an extra pair. *sigh* The seller also had Renton's jacket on sale at 1,000 yen (original retail 15,800 yen) but all sold out by the time I got there.

Haul pics!

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