Saturday, July 07, 2007

1st Anniversary of the Tokyo Hunter service!


Not only is today an auspicious triple seven day, it also marks the first anniversary of the Tokyo Hunter service! Thanks to all 104 clients for your business and especially to all returning clients for your continued support!

As part of the Tokyo Hunter 1st anniversary celebrations, I've listed up the following items for auction on eBay with starting bid at US$1!

Bandai Kamen Rider Strap Gear gashapon complete set of 6

Bandai Lord of Bystonwell Dunbine Todd Guiness Ver. Dengeki Hobby mail order exclusive

Bandai Official Eureka Seven Renton Thurston's Plus Eight shoes 8.5” inch

Kadokawa Evangelion Rei Ayanami & Asuka Langley Action Figure Special Box set of 2

Kaiyodo Revoltech EVA-01 Yamashita Ikuto Original Color Ver. EVA Store exclusive

Kaiyodo Ultimate Spider-man Action Vignette Figure complete set of 5

Max Factory Higurashi no Naku Koro ni trading figure complete set of 5

Max Factory 1/8 Haruhi Suzumiya PVC

Medicom Toy Exhibition 2007 exclusive Star Wars VCD Emperor's Royal Guard

Medicom Toy Kubrick 100% Spider-man 3 Blister exclusive

Yamato Ikki Tousen 1/7 Kanu Unchou Gray Ver. PVC Kotobukiya Shop exclusive

Tokyo Hunter eBay listings.

Happy bidding!


Cydkick said...

Congrats! And hope you have many more!

Tokyo Hunter said...

Thanks! :)

AngelDawn said...

Do you think you could get another pair of these; small enough to fit a US woman's size 7? Also, would it be at all possible to get a hold of Renton's jacket small enough for a woman as well?

Tokyo Hunter said...

I got the pair of shoes at Super Festival a couple weeks ago and they only had the size 8.5 for sale. The jacket was sold out when I got there. I've yet to see the shoes or the jacket available at any other places and chances of the seller having some for sale again at the upcoming Super Festival is slim.

shane said...

where could i get a pair of these?

Tokyo Hunter said...

The shoes were long sold out. I don't know of any stores that still has it in stock.