Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kingdom Hearts II Play Arts Sora Limit Form

Item: Sora Limit Form action figure
Series: Kingdom Hearts II Play Arts
Maker: Kotobukiya
Height: 18 cm
Price: 3,800 yen
Release date: Out now
Info: Square Enix online store exclusive.

Contact tokyohunter@gmail.com for more info and to place your order.


D the Sage said...

Yay for the Sora Army addition!
I wish they will make an Anti Form too but doing customs of it isn't so hard.

Tokyo Hunter said...

I'm sure they'll be making a Sora Anti Form figure in the future. Possibly releasing it as an exclusive.

Gyne-Pro said...

WHAT?! Not another exclusive! I mean, the possibility about the Anti Form!
Anti-Form isn't just about any repaint of the usual Sora mold but actually Anti-Form should include the smoky effects.
But yes, at least I'm glad that I finally have all of Sora's Forms.