Sunday, July 29, 2007

Akihabara & Nakano sightings - 29 July 2007

Prices shown are store prices with 5% government sales tax included. All items are in mint condition unless stated otherwise. Interested buyers please contact me at as soon as possible so I can help you with obtaining these items on my next trip.

Havikoro Toy
Griffon Enterprise Ikki Tousen 1/7 Kanu Unchou Hobby Japan mail order exclusive - 12,800 yen

Kaiyodo Virtual-On MBV-707-G Temjin limited edition Katoki Hajime color - 6,279 yen
Kotobukiya The Art of Shunya Yamashita Shion statue WF Winter 2007 exclusive - 7,980 yen

Mandarake Nakano
Freeing 1/4 Mikuru Asahina bunny girl ver. - 12,600 yen
Kaiyodo Virtual-On RVR-14 Fei-Yen KN - 6,300 yen
Kaiyodo Virtual-On RVR-87 Spencineff - 10,500 yen
Konami Busou Shinki Arnval Dengeki Hobby Magazine original color ver. - 9,450 yen
Konami Busou Shinki Straf Dengeki Hobby Magazine original color ver. - 9,450 yen
Kotobukiya The Art of Shunya Yamashita 1/7 Mirei-san Kansai Shop limited color - 9,450 yen
Toranoana Diama - 9,450 yen
Toranoana Morute - 13,650 yen
Volks Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse Takemikaduchi WF Winter 2007 exclusive - 15,750 yen

Robot Robot
Griffon Enterprise 1/7 Kanu Unchou black goth loli ver Comic Gum mail order exclusive - 12,000 yen

Interesting sightings:
Upcoming Revoltech figures on display at Kaiyodo Hobby Lobby Tokyo store in Akihabara:

Revoltech Black Getter
Revoltech VF-1J Super Valkyrie
Revoltech EVA-01 new movie ver.
Revoltech EVA-00 new movie ver.
Revoltech Evangelion Operation Yashima new movie ver.

More pics.

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