Saturday, June 23, 2007

Haul pics - 23 June 2007

Here are the stuff I bought for clients, including some items for myself, in today's Akihabara trip. I also attended the Medicom Toy Exhibition 2007 event in Shibuya and checked out their upcoming releases and tons of awesome new announcements and prototypes! Can't wait to place my preorders for their UDF Metal Gear Solid figures, Bearbrick Transformers, BM Project Dark Kabuto & Tendou Souji! Unfortunately, no photography was allowed so I don't have any pics of the event to share. Anyway, here's the haul list:

Bandai MG 1/100 Super Gundam event limited edition clear & coating ver. - 8,190 yen

Dengeki Daioh August 2007 issue - 743 yen

Ikki Tousen 1/7 Sonsaku Hakufu blue maid ver. Comic Gum mail order exclusive - 5,250 yen

Ikki Tousen 1/7 Ryomou Shimei white nurse ver. Comic Gum mail order exclusive - 6,279 yen

Bandai Card Warrior Kamen Riders series 2 set of 5 - 1,449 yen - Got this set to go with the first series I got back in February.

Medicom Star Wars VCD Emperor's Royal Guard Medicom Toy Exhibition 2007 exclusive - 6,090 yen - To be listed on eBay soon! Check back for details!

UCC Coffee first wave of Evangelion theme milk & coffee drinks - 120 yen each - Got these two for my Anime novelty can drinks collection.

More pics.

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