Monday, June 11, 2007

Client testimonial #44

Testimonial from client #95:

I became aware of Tokyo Hunter's services while looking at a figure in Dannychoo's site. I saw this Amaha and so I emailed HLJ to get me this but they said it's a Kotobukiya exclusive, I said "What exclusive? Why so?" so I got to but I couldn't understand the Japanese. I needed to find someone to help me acquire such a hard-to-get item, someone that is not a hoax, is reliable, someone in Japan. Posted a help me in Heiseidemocracy and got a tip from an Ichiro guy. Did a search in Tokyo Hunter, got to his blog and read the testimonials and praises. I wouldn't believe what they wrote, sounds too good, but I said give it a shot and see for myself. They are true, word-for-word. He replies quickly. He backs you up like you're leaning on a solid brick wall. I'm very satisfied with what happened. Thank you Joseph Tsai a.k.a TokyoHunter!

Item purchased: Kotobukiya Witchblade 1/6 Masane Amaha Kotobukiya Shop exclusive.

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