Monday, October 16, 2006

Transformers Kiss Players Hot Rodimus review

I received a free sample at work today from Takara Tomy and to my surprise, it was a Transformers Kiss Players Hot Rodimus! The sample version is basically the final product version complete with everything except for the drama CD, which I don't really care about anyway.

The vehicle mode is what originally caught my attention and got me to think about buying it, but after transforming Hot Rodimus and setting it in various poses, the robot mode definitely has grown on me. The transformation process wasn't that particularly difficult. Took me roughly 5 minuted to complete the transformation from vehicle mode to robot mode. I'm quite impressed with how articulated the figure is. Lots of joints on this figure that allows for a wide range of dynamic poses and the joints are strong enough to hold the poses that I set him in.

Takara Tomy did a nice job on the paint for Hot Rodimus with a nice glossy coat that makes it look like it's made out of diecast metal even though the figure is entirely made out of ABS plastic. Nice touch on the flames on both wrists too.

Hot Rodimus comes with an engine that turns into a double Tong Fa and also works as a double pistol, plus his fishing rod can break into three parts and combined to form his Exhaust Eliminator weapon that's attached to his right arm but rather loosely though. His double pistols/Tong Fa can't be firmly attached when stored on the sides of his legs in robot mode either. He has a clear plastic goggle stored underneath his forehead part that slide down to cover his eyes but that just makes him look like a nerd. And no, it's not the bright yellow color that makes his hands look big. His hands are the same size as Binaltech hands but it's his arms that are thinner, which makes him look like he's wearing an oversized pair of bright yellow mittens!

As for Syao Syao, she's just a fixed-pose prepainted figure eating a Chinese dumpling. Nothing much to say about her. Not many people care about the chicks in this Kiss Players series anyway.

Overall, this is an excellent figure that's not to be missed for Hot Rodimus/Hot Rod fans despite the previously mentioned cons of it not having any diecast metal parts and loose accessories, plus the hefty price tag (I was lucky to get a free sample of this!).

Check out the pics I took of Hot Rodimus here. Enjoy the pics and look forward to getting yours when it's released sometime this month! If you have not placed your order for one yet, secure your order now by clicking here!


Anonymous said...

Everybody cares about the chicks in the Kiss Play series, more so than the Transformers!


Tokyo Hunter said...

Yes, all ten of you guys out there care about the chicks ... that's everybody alright ... ;)

RuffledSubstratum said...

love your review, very straight to the point. I just started collecting alternators this year and they are all awesome.

Anonymous said...

Rodimus is awsome, but I hope Takara (or the correct toy company because I might be wrong...) can do two things before offical releasing- (1) Include another fishing rod so that Rodimus has double Exhaust Eliminator weapons just like the G1. (2) Make another poses for Syao Syao! I don't really want to get the fixed-pose figure that comes with Transformers... Look at the BTA series! The female figures all have different poses... In addition, Melissa (the Kiss Player that comes with Convoy) does have other poses, right? ;)

Tokyo Hunter said...

The Hot Rodimus that I have is basically the final product as stated in my review and there will NOT be any more changes or additions made to the figure.