Sunday, October 01, 2006

Client testimonial #13

Another satisfied client writing in with a glowing testimonial about my service. I got him very rare Red & Silver Hakaiders at 7,480 yen each. Check out his testimonial below:

I've been collecting SIC for 7 years, few years ago it was nearly impossible for me to get those limited edition SIC in my country Malaysia, unless you have friend who live in Hong Kong, Taiwan or Japan, that's the reason why I missed out quite many of limited edition SIC in my ollection. The toy market here is getting better compared to last time cause some of the local toy shops here do bring in limited edition SIC nowadays, but they selling it at a very expensive price compare to other country, I have no choice so end up paying scalper price. Now thanks to Tokyo Hunter who offer such a wonderful service now, I got 2 very rare limited edition SIC from Japan at a very reasonable price, my SIC collection is getting completed soon! I asked Joseph to send the items to me by SAL, and listed the package as a gift so that to avoid the imported tax here, and the package arrived at my doorstep smoothly within estimated time, the packing was very professional and he had attached the receipt with the package! He had even thrown in some goodies he had gathered at the festival (some promotionals items & leaflets) free of charge!

I'm very sastisfied of Tokyo Hunter services, and this is definately won't be my last order from him, you can see my second order in his latest haul pic on 30 September 2006, and there will be more orders coming on the way! He is reliable, friendly and still very professional. I strongly recommend Tokyo Hunter for anyone out there who is looking for goods related Anime/Manga from Japan! Million thanks bro!


Thanks a lot for your testimonial and waiting for your new wanted list! :)

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Mickey said...

Hey Seph!

I emailed you regarding sending the items bought from you to be marked as a gift to avoid being taxed by the customs.
After reading this post, I already have my answer.
You may disregard my email about it now to save you some time dealing with your orders.

Thanks a bunch! I'll be asking you to do the same for me ^_^