Sunday, October 08, 2006

Haul pics - 07 October 2006

I managed to purchase some cool stuff for my clients on Saturday in Akihabara as well as a Guilty Gear Judgement PSP game for myself to play during the 2 hour-long train rides back home. The items that I got for my clients include:

Kodansha Vance AGP Air Gear x Pinky:St Perfect Gear Box 01 Ringo with Air Gear #12 manga Limited Edition version - 5,800 yen
Bandai Toei Hero Net exclusive SIC Kamen Rider Faiz Axel Form - 10,290 yen
Kaiyodo Trigun WonderFest exclusive Vash The Stampede with illustration card - 6,279 yen
Cooler Master X Craft350 eSATA & USB2.0 Combo RX-3SB Silver - 6,679 yen

Click here to check out all the pics of Saturday's haul.

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