Sunday, October 15, 2006

Masterpiece Skywarp & Kiss Play Hot Rodimus

Spotted Transformers Kiss Players Hot Rodimus and Masterpiece Skywarp (custom repaint version, of course!) on display at Kotobukiya Shop in Akihabara on Saturday. Hot Rodimus looks cool ... still thinking whether or not to get one to display with my MP-04 Convoy. Hot Rodimus in vehicle mode is what attracted my attention in the first place though.

After seeing the Skywarp custom repaint, I might just get another Starscream figure to repaint into Skywarp. However, knowing Takara Tomy's same ol' tactics of releasing the same figure in different color schemes, there is a good chance that Takara Tomy might release an official Masterpiece Skywarp or Thundercracker in the future using Masterpiece Starcream's mold just like they did with Masterpiece Convoy repainted and released as Masterpiece Ultra Magnus.

Click here to check out more pics of the Skywarp custom repaint and Hot Rodimus, along with the Akihabara sightings pics.


Anonymous said...

is that the shop in akihabara thta has a life sized darthvader outside? if so then youre lucky to have taken pics! some grunt working there rudely put his hand right in my face to stop me taking a pic of a Tf i was trying to show other uses in the same way you are helping others! i enended up putting down my large pile of soon to be bought tfs gave them a swift display of my distaste and made them understand that they had just lost a customer and pots of cash for their rudeness!

primal convoy (see my post in "itcamefromjapan" forum at about this problem.

Tokyo Hunter said...

I'm not sure which shop you're refering to since I didn't really start visiting Akihabara until the end of May and according to your post in the forum, you were there in the second week of May. I've not noticed any life sized Darth Vader statues in front of any stores in Akihabara during my visits thus far. If you can remember which shop it was, let me know.

I've not experienced such rudeness from the workers at the toy stores thus far and they usually allow me to take pics after politely asking for their permission even if they have a sign outside that states that no pics are allowed. The magic words are "Can I?", "Please", and "Thank you". ;)