Sunday, November 01, 2009

Revoltech Expo 2009

Revoltech Expo 2009 was held on Halloween at the Tokyo Anime Center in Akihabara. I wasn't able to make it to the past two Revoltech Expo events but got there this year to check it out. Each attendee got a free 2 point Revochip and a random clear color Revocontainer. Pictured above are 31 Revoltech releases in the past 5 months. I only got 2 for my collection: Gloomy Bear and Getter Dragon. Can't afford to keep up collecting them all. ^^;

Rei figure to be included with Young Ace Vol. 6 manga magazine.

Nendoroid figure with Revoltech joints! Modokiroid Konata Izumi to be included with DX pack of the Lucky Star Net Idol Master PSP game.

Haruhi will be included with Newtype January 2010 issue, Mikuru with Shonen Ace February 2010 issue, and Yuki with The Sneaker February 2010 issue. All three due out this December. Hmm ... very tempted to get all three. Might just pick up the figures at hobby shops upon release. I have no need for the magazines. :p

Revealed at the expo was the Hokuto no Ken Revolution Kaioh figure. Due out in February 2010 retailing for 2,980 yen.

Yuriaaaaaa~! She'll come with her armor, of course! Due out in March 2010.

You can only get this gold color version of the Kenshiro Shura no Kuni version by trading in 7 Hokuto no Ken Revolution cut out points from the packaging of any figures from the toy line.

Second season Kenshiro Shura no Kuni version. Due out in December. Although I'm a big fan of the Hokuto no Ken series, I'm ashamed to say that I've yet to purchase any of the Hokuto no Ken Revolution figures! ^^; Guess I'll start with this second season version then followed by Kaioh, Raoh, Yuria, and maybe Falco.

Nameless Ashura that killed Falco in the second season.

Fraulein Revoltech Asuka in her prototype plug suit as seen in Evangelion 2.0. She's one of the two new Fraulein Revoltech figures revealed at the show. Due out sometime in 2010. I really like the sculpt. Seems to have improved over the Rei figure, which I'm not quite fond of.

The other Fraulien Revoltech figure revealed was Mari from Evangelion 2.0. Sculpt is pretty good on this one, too. I especially like her optional grinning face. I didn't manage to take pics of the second face though, sorry! ^^;

Kaiyodo is really pumping out more and more Revoltech Queen's Blade figures. I want my Annelotte, please!

The above three are 2P color versions of Echidna, Airi, and Nanael. Only available through "power shops," which are basically major stores and online shops that are major sellers of Revoltech products.

Being a Getter Robo fan, I own pretty much all the Revoltech Getter Robo releases except for Neo Getter, which I gave it a pass as I don't like the original robot's design and coloring. I will give this Getter Robo Go a pass as well for the same reason.

Revoltech Grendizer, however, is a definite must for me! I'm really glad that Kaiyodo is finally doing Grendizer. Here's hoping for more classic super robots to get the Revoltech treatment!

Interesting to see that Professor Layton is getting a Revoltech figure release as well.

Revoltech has now expanded to cover Zoids, too! Blade Liger price and release date TBA.

Following the release of Blade Liger is Geno Breaker. Prototype still half complete.

Pearl white version of the two badasses, Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura, from Sengoku Basara are also "power shop" limited releases.

Check out the flickr photo gallery set linked below for more pics.

Revoltech Expo 2009 gallery

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Blowfish said...

Thanks for the Coverage!
So the next Fräulein Figures after the long halt will be Evangelion figures AGAIN? *sigh*

Well atleast their gonna be better than the first run.Si still have nightmares from playing with them

Ciel said...

Wow thanks,

nice Koanta x Idolmaster, must have it :O

Tommy said...

Nice coverage. I rather like the new Asuka prototype.

Mind if I hi-jack a couple images for my blog? I'll refer back to your blog.

Do let me know if you don't like the idea. :)

Anonymous said...

The new Fraulein do look nice.

I never picked up the first 2 because I didn't like the sculpts at all. :|

Anonymous said...

Is HLJ a Revoltech power shop? It used to carry Revoltech Friend Shop items and I'm sure the volumes that HLJ sells should be enough to qualify right?

Tokyo Hunter said...

HLJ is not in the list of Revoltech Power Shops. The Power Shop items will only be sold through a select retail shops in Japan and some Japanese online shops.

RatasVadumee said...

I'm surprised they haven't made Risty yet.

Yeah an Annelotte would be nice, at least there's a statue of her though, there's nothing of Irma :(