Sunday, November 01, 2009

Otacool book signing

Got to attend the Otacool book signing event in front of Kotobukiya's store in Akihabara yesterday. I bought a copy and had my good friend Danny and the lovely Ai Amano sign it for me. ^^

Danny and Ai Amano smiling for the camera.

Signatures on my copy of Otacool. Now looking to get signatures from people who had their collections featured in the book!

Really amazing collections gathered in the book. I'm jealous! I noticed some of the collectors featured are my customers! ^^ Once I get my collection properly rearranged, I'll submit photos for the second volume!

Check out the flickr photo gallery set linked below for more pics.

Otacool book signing gallery


Aya Kyunik said...

Oh wow! Nice that you got a signed copy!

huhu, When I get to Japan in Dec, I guess I'll have to sign it for you then :3

Tokyo Hunter said...

You seriously need a bigger room! LOL! I'd love to have your signature on the book. Please let me know the exact dates of your trip to Japan and I'll meet up with you and take you to the best places to shop in Akiba! ^^

Anonymous said...

Are they making a second volume?

gundamjehutykai said...

There has been a little chatter about an Otacool 2 project but no other info other than that at present. Most likely, it would be a volume 2 as the number of entries on the otacool page is massive!!

Still, I got into this edition so I'm satisfied. Tho it would be interesting to see how I could add some of the stuff which I have purchased from Tokyo Hunter since submitting my room.

Tokyo Hunter said...

There are plans for a second volume. Heard it straight from the horse's mouth! ^^ My collection will be in there.

You've got quite an amazing collection! Looking forward to checking out updated pics of your collection and hope you get to appear in the second volume again. I want your signature on my copy of Otacool whenever you come to visit Japan! ^^

RS said...

is it available at
or do I have to travel to the land of cherrytrees to get it?

Tokyo Hunter said...

You can get it from either or jlist. I'm sure there are some other online shops that also carry the book. Not though.

Kanon said...

Wow! It must be really cool to have a signed copy, congrats! I can't wait to see your room in the second edition of Otacool! ^^

Tokyo Hunter said...

You don't have to wait. You can see my collection here:

My collection as of 7/7/2008 though! I've been very busy since then so I've yet to rearrange my collection. ^^;

Ciel said...

wow I really like your Sentai's collection ! :D

If there is a second volume, I'll try then to submit mine

but need to rearrange my collection too. Especially the 3 Shana Maids with the strawberry version one that your friend got me. Thanks again ! :)

There are some figures that I got from you like Louise or Lucky Star nendoroids hehe.

Tokyo Hunter said...

Sentai is not the same as Kamen Rider. I collect mainly Kamen Rider SIC figures but do have some Sentai trading figures.

You have an amazing collection! All very nice stuff! Hope yours will make it in the second volume of Otacool.

Mickolas said...

Oh man, I need to get one hands on one of these at some point after christmas is over.

how is the book anyway?

Today I just myself the 'Otaku Encyclopedia'.

Shaun said...

I'll sign the book if you don't mind waiting till August! Should be arriving around the first week unless something happens between now and then. I'll need to stop by and get Danny's sig too ^^

Page 99-100

Tokyo Hunter said...

You have a very impressive and neat collection! I don't mind waiting till August to get your signature. ^^ Wish you all the best in moving to Japan!

Singer Yuna said...

"Really amazing collections gathered in the book. I'm jealous! I noticed some of the collectors featured are my customers! ^^ " Its an honour to have sold items to members whose collections are awesome ^^ you should be proud.

Personally Im not sure if Im going to try to be in the otacool 2, but I want to have my room near yours xD I've followed the previous edition and its hard to be chosen (awesome rooms stayed in the +52 section) so maybe Ill try.