Sunday, November 01, 2009

Revoltech Expo 2009 - Tokusatsu Revoltech

There had been sneak peeks in various hobby magazines, Revoltech catalogs, and at last year's Wonder Festival for their latest addition to Kaiyodo's Revoltech family--the Tokusatsu Revoltech. At this year's Revoltech Expo, they officially unveiled the lineup of the new Tokusatsu Revoltech series that offers action figures of sci-fi characters and creatures from blockbuster American movies to Japanese kaijyuu TV shows, anime, and movies. The first entry stars none other than the xenomorph from the Alien movie franchise!

I got to pick up and play with a sample of the Alien figure at the expo, and noticed that the level of detail and paint application were absolutely phenomenal. Hope the final product will turn out as good. Really looking forward to this one. Set for release in Spring 2010. Price TBA.

Alien egg with face hugger to be included with the Alien figure. Face hugger is not poseable and can't be removed from the semi-translucent egg base. Would be nice if the Alien figure comes with a face hugger accessory by itself to latch on to other figure's faces!

Also part of the first lineup in the Tokusatsu Revoltech series is Daimajin to be released in conjunction with the new Daimajin TV show due to air sometime next year.

Not sure why Kaiyodo thinks a Revoltech figure of Kaijyuu Booska would be a good seller. Sure there's a fan base in Japan for the comical creature, but it surely wouldn't reach anywhere near the sales figures of Godzilla (big possibility we'll see a Tokusatsu Revoltech figure soon IMO!) and maybe no more than a hundred for overseas sales to a small group of Booska fans and Revoltech completists.

Looks almost like a recreation of the Gamera vs. Gyaos movie poster! Both will be released 1 month after Alien and Daimajin.

Next up will be Giant Robo & GR2.

Kaijyuu that goes by the name Paragon. Not sure which show it is from though.

Awesome Jack Skellington figure! Nice diorama base, too. Is it just me or does the base look like it is in a shape that can be lined with future Nightmare Before Christmas figures' bases to form a connecting diorama? Hmmmm...!!

One of the big surprises at the Revoltech Expo that got everyone talking was T-Rex from Jurassic Park. Pure awesome!

Looks like the powered suit from Starship Troopers will get the Revoltech treatment as well. Articulated powered suit with fixed-pose pilot figure.

The biggest announcement of all at the expo that got everyone's attention was definitely the Batman (Batman Begins version) Revoltech figure! That's another figure added to my 2010 buy list!

Check out the flickr photo gallery set linked below for more pics.

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Tommy said...

Thanks for the coverage. Jack Skeleton, Alien, and Batman definitely on my list.

I think Revoltech is definitely going the right way by taking a dip into the overseas market and the millions of customers that awaits them. Just hope the final product will look as good as these.

Expendible Artistry said...

FYI, the 4 legged Kaiju mentioned is named Baragon which was featured in a number of Godzilla flicks albeit in very minor rolls. That being said, the only thing that excites me more than having a revoltech Gamera is the possibility of a revoltech Godzilla!! Between the Gamera, Gaos,and the T-Rex, I'm Uber stoked about these upcoming releases

halojones-fan said...

Nice to see some more "bad guys" in the Revoltech lineup. All my Getter Machines need some monsters to fight!