Sunday, November 01, 2009

Revoltech Expo 2009 - Assemble Borg

Kaiyodo showcased their Assemble Borg lineup but nothing new announced though. Just some more stuff we've seen in the past with no release dates.

Very impressive Assemble Borg robot custom with pilot siting inside the chest cockpit. I dare not guess how many figures were used and how much it cost to build such a massive custom! ^^;

Barrels Speeder Lightning Cougar Custom. Just got this in last week and have a couple extras for sale as of this writing. Those who are interested please email me for details!

Tristriker. Saw this a couple years back and they still have the release date under TBA!

The next Assemble Borg lineup will feature these three sentai-looking original figures. Release TBA. The one above is named Sonic Slasher.

Ghost Gunner

Panzer Puncher

Check out the flickr photo gallery set linked below for more pics.

Revoltech Expo 2009 - Assemble Borg gallery

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Isaiah said...

What's with the teasing? They should just release them already, must get!