Thursday, August 06, 2009

Dimension Diver kits are sold out!

I've received over 100 emails in the past several days asking whether I still have any of the Dimension Diver kits for sale, particularly the Rockman and Samus kits. As stated in my blog posts on each of the Dimension Diver kits, interested buyers can contact me BEFORE 26 July to request for the kits and I'll then assist with purchasing the kits at Wonder Festival 2009 Summer, which took place on 26 July 2009. The kits were only sold at the event. I DON'T have extras of any of Dimension Diver's kits for sale at this time. The same goes for the Atelier-Sai Rockman series of resin kits.

The next event that Dimension Diver will attend to sell his event-only kits is Treasure Festa that will be on 12 October 2009. He has yet to announce which kits he will sell at the event but the Rockman kit will most likely be one of them. The Samus kit is only licensed for sale at Wonder Festival events. If you want the Samus kit, you will have to wait until next Wonder Festival, which will be on 7 February 2010. I will post an update on my blog when Dimension Diver announces the kits that will be for sale at the upcoming Treasure Festa event, and I'll be accepting preorders for the kits from then on. I don't have the time to contact every single interested buyers when I begin accepting preorders for the kits. Please check my blog regularly and email me when you see the post. I will not accept preorders before the announcement.

If you don't want to wait that long, I will list up both the Dimension Diver Rockman and Samus kits, as well as the Atelier-Sai Rockman series of kits for auction on eBay on behalf of my Japanese friend who has one of each that he wants me to auction off. The auctions are scheduled to start on 23 August 2009 from 12pm Japan time onwards and will go for seven days. Please watch my eBay listings for the kits as well as other items that I will list up for sale and auction. Please do not send me your offers. They will be listed up for auction only without Buy It Now option.

You can stop spamming my Inbox now. ^^

Thank you!


deku2106 said...

It's because Joystiq linked to you a day or two ago.

Tokyo Hunter said...

Joystiq, GoNintendo, Tiny Cartridge, Tomopop, and a whole lot of other sites and forums.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget /toy/ either.

StephenUltimaLink said...

Ah, I come from one of the websites.

I would like too say thanks for saying this though, I will be sure too watch out for the next sale