Monday, August 03, 2009

Wonder Festival 2009 Summer - Atelier-Sai

As previously covered in this post, Atelier-Sai produced four limited-edition color-cast resin kits of characters from the "Rockman" video game franchise, and were only sold at Wonder Festival 2009 Summer event.

Although they are color-cast kits, these aren't simple kits you can just snap on and play. They require some amount of modeling skills and will need holes to be drilled into the parts to fit the ball joints, which are sold separately. Requires ball joints from both Kotobukiya and Yellow Submarine, as well as 1mm-thick brass rods to hold the joints in place.

They had this really awesome diorama display at their booth!

I love playing Rockman video games but have yet to play the latest releases, so I'm sure which character this is. One of Zero's forms? This was not produced for sale at the event.

Rockman vs. Forte

Check out Forte's badass expression!

Rockman with his helmet off. Separate hair parts are provided in the kit. Priced at 8,000 yen.

Rockman's resin parts.

A painted sample of Forte. Kit priced at 8,000 yen.

Forte's parts.

My favorite character from the games! Zero was quickly sold out at the event. Kit priced at 10,000 yen.

Zero's parts.

Harpuia kit priced at 10,000 yen.

Harpuia parts.

Check out more pics in the flickr gallery set linked below:

Wonder Festival 2009 Summer - Atelier-Sai Rockman series resin kits flickr gallery set


Guy said...

Did you buy copies for yourself? :)

Tokyo Hunter said...

Nope, I only purchased enough to fill my customers' orders. Would like to have a set of all four myself but I don't have the modeling skills to build them. Dimension Diver's kits are much easier to assemble though so I might give those a try.

Snap said...

The one you didn't recognise is Phantom, one of the 4 Generals of Copy X. He's in Zero 1 and a hidden boss in Zero 3.

I was wondering if you have any pictures of Rockman with hair from the side or back. I'm making him in 3D and the only images of his hair I got is from the front.

Thanks in advance.
These pictures are very helpful already.

Anonymous said...

hey tokyo hunter, are they selling these kits online, because i don't think i'm going to japan any time soon

Anonymous said...

please I sound the biggest fan of megaman you still have zero or harpuia

Airton said...

please I sound the biggest fan of megaman you still have zero or harpuia?

Airton said...

Please need an answer if you still have zero or harpuia please let me know Tokyo Hunter because I am a big fan of the series rockman zero if you have please send a reply through my email:

Please await a response