Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Volks Xenosaga III 1/4 KOS-MOS Ver 4 resin kit

Update of original post.

Item: 1/4 KOS-MOS Ver.4 resin kit
Height: 46cm
Series: Xenosaga III
Maker: Volks
Retail price: 50,400 yen
Release date: 29 August 2009 (at Chara Hobby 2009) & 20 September 2009 (at Hobby Round 2)
Info: Chara Hobby 2009 & Hobby Round 2 events exclusive.

Interested buyers can contact me latest before 20 September to enquire about pricing and place your preorder through me.


Panther said...


She is so beautiful but way out of my league for a figure in terms of expense. Why oh why Volks you have to do this. :(

El Bastardo said...

*Sigh* after seeing those pictures I'm convinced that I would pay even that amout of money... but for a completed statue.

Does anyone know of sites or services that build garage kits for you professionally?? YOu know a question from a guy who can not build such things at all?!

Simon said...

Ugh, yeah I'd pay that much if it was painted...but I'm not quite THAT much of a KOS-MOS fan to pay that much for the kit, and whatever hundreds of dollars to get it painted by a professional :(