Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TH Auctions - November 2008 part 4

Auction period: 22-29 November 2008

Another week another quick sale of the Kuroshitsuji Sebastian figure! The ladies sure do love their hunky butler! Three pieces sold within two days of listing. Thanks!! ^^ More to be listed up this coming weekend along with Ciel. Planning to sell them as sets, and individually for those who already own one or the other. Don't wait till I list them up. Contact me now to secure your order!

As previously announced in this post, my order for the WF 2008 Summer event exclusive Nendoroids and Figma figs arrived and are now up for purchase through eBay. I'll offer lower prices to those who contact me directly for the items outside of eBay and pay in Japanese yen.

Queen's Gate version of Ink was a surprising find while I was in Akiba last weekend. Picked one up for auction and one for my own collection. She's too cute to pass up! Another great find was the Volks Rin & Len figures that I missed out on preordering them through Volks. One is up for auction now and the other one I'm keeping myself. Volks Miku needs the company!

Check out the other new listings below along with items that I had sold in the past. For those of you who missed out on the items, now's your chance to get 'em! The limited Mikuru Asahina Mikuru Beam! Version in particular is quite a rare piece and requested by several collectors.


Clayz Moetan 1/8 Ink Nijihara Queen's Gate ver. PVC - starting bid at US$100

Good Smile Company Vocaloid Nendoroid Miku Hatsune Hachune Face Ver. - Wonder Festival 2008 Summer event exclusive - More than 10 pieces available - Buy It Now at US$75 each

Konami Busou Shinki MMS Ach & Yda action figure set - starting bid at US$90

Max Factory Himawari! 1/8 Himawari Hinata PVC - starting bid at US$40

Max Factory Shining Tears 1/7 Elwing PVC - starting bid at US$25

Max Factory The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 1/8 Mikuru Asahina Mikuru Beam! Ver. PVC - Good Smile Company online shop exclusive - starting bid at US$80

MegaHouse Queen's Blade Excellent Model Core Reina PVC - starting bid at US$50

Volks Moekore Plus Vocaloid 1/6 Rin & Len Kagamine PVC - Volks online & retail store exclusive - starting bid at US$130


Alter Satsuriku no Jango 1/8 Donne Anonime limited edition version PVC - Nitroplus Direct exclusive - starting bid at US$120

Fewture Hells Angels Man Chrysalis black ver. & Hells Angels Chrysalis holder black ver. & autographed board - Super Festival 47 event exclusive - Buy It Now at US$60

Good Smile Company Chu x Chu Paradise Nendoroid Merissa/Melissa Seraphy Devil Ver. - Wonder Festival 2008 Summer event exclusive - Buy It Now at US$70 each

Good Smile Company Wagamama Capriccio 1/8 Melissa Seraphy PVC - starting bid at US$85

Konami Busou Shinki Ach & Yda original color version set - Dengeki Hobby & Dengekiya exclusive - starting bid at US$150

Konami Busou Shinki Paatio & Pomock prototype ver. - C3xHobby Chara Hobby 2008 event exclusive - Buy It Now at US$45

Max Factory Code Geass Figma Suzaku Kururugi - Wonder Festival 2008 Summer event exclusive - More than 10 pieces available - Buy It Now at US$50 each

Max Factory Love Hina 1/8 Naru Narusegawa PVC - starting bid at US$85

Square Enix Kuroshitsuji Static Arts Sebastian Michaelis PVC - Animate exclusive - 3 pieces - Buy It Now at US$130 each - SOLD OUT!! THANKS!

Yujin Game Center CX Arino Kachou PVC - Buy It Now at US$30

Happy bidding!

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