Monday, November 10, 2008

Griffon Enterprises 1/10 Airi clear hair ver. PVC

Item: 1/10 Airi clear hair ver. PVC
Height: 17cm
Series: Queen's Blade
Maker: Griffon Enterprises
Retail price: 5,775 yen
Release date: February 2009
Info: Treasure Festa special pack will come with guide book to Treasure Festa 2009, Treasure Book (guide book to Queen's Blade), and a limited edition Airi clear hair ver. PVC figure.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Tsai, why is this called "clear hair" version when the hair looks the same as other Airi incarnations?
Is there anything special about this pack other than it comes with guide books? Is there any sort of coupon for a mail-in exclusive or anything like that?

Tokyo Hunter said...

Griffon calls it "clear hair" because it is made of translucent plastic and painted with clear red, hence the name. It is quite common for Japanese manufacturers to name things clear when parts are made of clear plastic but painted over.

Nothing else that's special in the set aside from the guide books. The Treasure Festa book is also used as a "ticket" for entering Treasure Festa 2009 event in February ala Wonder Festival.